The CAF SRL was born in 1974 in Montegranaro, in the heart of the shoe industrial district in Marche Region, at the hands of Giovanni Conti, uncle of the current owners, who starts producing men shoes in the laboratory under his house.

About 90% of our products are exported all over the world, with a distribution mainly focused in Russia, China, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Our shoes, all strictly Made in Italy, are synonym of quality, as result of about forty years’ experience: master craftsman’s skills, combined with the important contribution of technology, are embedded in our creations and represent the authentic Italian value. Creative design, refined materials and particular manufacturing process, such as the “slip-lasting method” which allows to link together comfort and style, are the qualities that our customers mainly appreciate.

A keen sense of beauty, a special ability to understand what the market requires, the awareness of handcrafted high-quality product, lasting over the time. Creations embellished by particular details, fine leathers and selected materials. Our shoes are exclusive products, the outcome of tradition and innovation, to be always in step with the times.

Simone Del Gatto e Michele Millevolte

Una realtà dinamica in continua evoluzione


the MICAM is the leading international footwear fair, promoted by ASSOCALZATURIFICI ITALIANI the Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers and represents the italian main window on the rest of the world.


ANCI Servizi, Fiera Milano and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai launch the first and only international footwear event for Micam in China. The event at the second edition is confirming his importance.


OBUV, the international Fair of Shoes & Leather which is celebrated twice a years in Moscov (Russia). A consolidated event but that still has many opportunities.


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